Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a unique and proven, leadership and organizational development intervention that uses a combination of clinical, experiential and action learning tools to facilitate participants to identify their potential and increase their personal, professional and consequentially organizational development effectiveness.

Leadership Development successfully equips the leaders with the right mindset, tools and leadership skills which are needed to lead their people amidst the various organizational changes that the company goes through.

 A registered flagship leadership development offering of Naman has been implemented successfully in a number of organizations across the industry, helping them earn huge dividends in terms of grooming and nurturing leadership. To enable smaller organizations to benefit from Leadership Development, public Leadership Development programs are also conducted from time to time.



The following are the benefits of Leadership Development Intervention:

  • Maximize productivity and performance
  • Shape a more positive work culture
  • Give direction and focus on the activity
  • Retain people
  • Nurture and develop leaders
  • Increase employee engagement

Some major improvements are as follows:

  • The success of a business organization is substantially shaped by the senior leaders who navigate its course. Needless to say, that well-developed leaders are critical to ensure the same.
  • Business is continually experiencing fast-paced and uncertain changes, there is a need to hone capabilities in our leaders to meet this challenge.
  • Organizations which invest in developing their leaders and keep them future ready can achieve sustainable success and growth.
  • Talent seeks organizations which invest in their growth and development. A well-structured Leadership Development initiative of an organization can help attract and retain talent.
  • Leadership training helps organizations to stay agile and strategic thus earning rich dividends by leveraging its human capital as much as other critical resources.

The objectives of a Leadership Development program are as follows:

  • Build capabilities for effective role performance.
  • Equip leadership to respond better to current business needs.
  • Create a leadership pipeline on a continual basis, internally.
  • To create a culture of self-introspection and commitment to improvement.
  • To identify potential leaders and facilitate Human Resource processes of Career Development and Succession Planning.
  • Promote human capital that is ready to accept challenges, accountability and ownership.
  • Build leaders who as mentors and coaches, energize, empower and unleash human potential.

Leadership development is the process of enhancing organizational excellence by increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and potential leaders.