PSI 16pf® Practitioner Certification

Virtual 16pf® Practitioner Certification

About 16pf®

  • One of the oldest and comprehensively researched psychometric assessment tool based on 60+ years of research
  • Highly validated instrument supported by over 2,700 published researches
  • Reveals 16 personality traits structured around 5 widely accepted global personality factors
  • Available online in over 20 languages
  • Generates range of comprehensive reports, including customized reports

Applications of 16pf®

  • Selection, Promotion and Succession Planning
  • Leadership and Individual Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Person – Job Matching/ Fitment
  • Career Guidance and Personal Counselling

Internationally recognized 16pf® Practitioner Certification Program encompasses

  • Pre-work reading and assessment
  • Introduction to Testing; Psychometric Testing, Maximum Performance Tests, Typical Performance Tests
  • The Science of Testing; Interpreting a Score, Frequency Distribution, Standardized Scores, Standard Error, Correlation, Reliability, Validity
  • Introduction to Personality; 16pf® Background, 16pf® Development, The Five Global Factors, 16pf® Global vs Primary Factors, 16pf® Score Bands
  • Detecting Distortion; 16pf® Response Style Indices, Activity: Review 16pf® Reports
  • Overview, Preparation, Delivering Feedback
  • Personality for Assessment, Job Analysis.
  • Certification Exam/ End of course evaluation

Your Take Away:

  • Your own 16pf® Report
  • 16pf® related reading material
  • 16pf® based reports at discounted price
  • Inputs & training from experts trained by PSI
  • Internationally recognized 16pf® Practitioner Certificate

Who should attend?

  • HR and L&D Professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Freelancers working in the area of Assessment, Coaching, Development, etc
  • Career Counsellors
  • Recruiters

Date : November 16, 2021

Investment Cost : USD 1500

Early bird discount : USD 1200 till October 15, 2021