About Door


Thanks to resourceful partnership with our clients, active creation of suitable corporate culture and individual refinement of the competencies of their employees, we help our clients prepare for a dynamic and intensive future. We offer simple, fast and effective models and tools that can be applied at every level of the company. Our solutions are always customized and focused on quick and sustainable results. They are backed by extensive experience in various industries, disciplines and levels of hierarchy, across the globe. At DOOR, our Core Values and Beliefs provide the foundation for how we operate as an organization:

Our Values

Clients First

We listen to our clients and deliver the solutions they need.


We reach out across the network to share best practices and collaborate globally.

Trusting Teams

We contribute resources consistently for the success of our network.

The Net Works

We collaborate to build trust, seek and offer feedback to deliver great results.

Creativity Wins

We take accountability for innovation in DOOR solutions to drive clients’ transformation.

Change or Die

We own our key results, constantly ask What else can I do? And support others in doing the same.

Deliver Results

We embrace change through staying above the line and not blame others.